Posted on October 30, 2017 at 8:46 am

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The Game has Just Began for Actress Gurleen Chopra

It is Game Over for the multi-talented and gorgeous Gurleen Chopra. The stunning actress is all set to kick-start her game with her upcoming release ‘Game Over‘. It is written and directed by Paresh Vinodray Savani.

Gurleen Chopra
Gurleen Chopra

This Punjabi beauty, after featuring in several multilingual blockbusters, is gearing up for her next silver screen appearance.

Game Over, is the story about a con girl who is beautiful, intelligent and bold. But, the film shows how those qualities are just not enough to survive the game of life and gamble. Gurleen Chopra, once the master planner gets entangled and trapped in her own tricky game.

Here’s the trailer

Watch this ravishing beauty fight it out to get away from her own game and its mystery and puzzles. The question is who will end this game and how? The game has just begun.

Game Over is all set to release soon.

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