Posted on June 7, 2017 at 7:03 am

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Kapil Dev's Daughter In Law Anisha Nikhanj To Debut In Ramman Handa's Web-Series

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Anisha Nikhanj is soon going to be seen in the exciting new web series titled ‘No Casting No Couch Only Ouch’. The debutante actress plays a rather interesting role in the show which is produced by Ramman Handa. When asked about it, Anisha said:

“I am playing the main lead’s aunt (Mami) in No Casting No Couch Only Ouch. My character is called Poonam and is a bit dark. On the show, I criticise and humiliate my nephew who wants to become an actor. This is my first time acting on a screen. I wanted to do something different, and this role is quite challenging and unique. Though it is a grey character, it is very real.”


Considering Anisha is making her debut with the show, she says she is fortunate that she got to work with a producer like Ramman Handa who is both kind and understanding. She shared:

“It was really great working with Ramman. He is a very nice person. While he was a thorough professional on the set, it still felt like I was working with family. In fact, the entire production team was very helpful. Also, my husband Sunil Nikhanj is quite co-operative about my acting career, and he will be joining hands with Ramman soon. We hope to make more projects together.”


The show also stars the controversial ‘Godwoman’ Radhe Maa. Talking about that, Anisha said:

“I did not have any scene with her, but I did go to her place with Ramman and it was a wonderful experience. Whatever people and media talk about her, I found that it was the exact opposite. Her personality is charming, and her aura is very welcoming. Whatever chat we had, I learnt the importance of life from just that small meet.”


When asked her whether we would see her doing more shows in the future, she said:

“Of course. I would love to.  I want to pursue a career as an actor, and I am definitely looking forward to working in films as well.”


Interestingly, Anisha is no stranger to stardom considering that she is closely related with the legendary Indian captain Kapil Dev. Not someone to flaunt her connections, we had to probe her a bit about her relation and she revealed:

“Yes, I am related to Kapil Dev. I am his daughter-in-law. He is my chacha-sasur. We are all very proud of his struggle and of all the things that he has achieved. That is the reason why I want to become a successful actor and make him proud. Also, my son Sayyam Nikhanj is popular in his own right, as he has done several Punjabi albums and advertisements.”


Well, we wish you all the best for your debut show, Anisha and we hope you keep doing great work!

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