Posted on May 15, 2017 at 11:24 am

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Shashank Vyas Goes Sentimental Reminiscing About His Mom On Mother’s Day

Actor Shahshank Vyas was inconsolable when his mom passed away in 2009. And, on this Mother’s Day, the talented actor recalls the time and talks about her. Even now, his eyes brim with tears, when he talks about her. He said:

“I lost my mom in 2009 in February. I had come to Mumbai in January to act, but after my mother’s demise, I was totally broken. I had decided that I won’t get back to acting again. My father was all alone and I wanted to be with him. My sister also got married in 2008.”


He was most affected because his mother was more like a friend to him. He shares:

“I went home back started thinking what to do now because my bond with my mother was like that of a close buddy. We used to watch films together. I respect her a lot and I love her, and now, looking back, there were many things I could have said and done. But once you lose a person, you think there were so many things you could have shared. I think those who don’t have their mothers are the poorest people on this earth.”


Sharing about the time he lost his mom, Shashank reveals:

“My mother used to like travelling in a big car, hanging out at malls, etc. which was not possible that time. When I got this news that my mother got admitted to the hospital, I was struggling in Bombay to get work, I rushed to Ujjain. Once there, she immediately mother felt good and got discharged. She was back home and I had to report at my acting institute. That’s when my mother asked me, “”Kya jaana zaruri hai tere liye?” I requested her to let me go and report there. I would take certificate and will be back home again. After four days I got the news that she is no more. That’s the biggest regret till the date of my life.”


Talking about their bond, Shashank recalls:

“She was my best buddy, philosopher, mentor, guide — she was everything to me. I am surviving because of what she taught me. She taught me how to maintain relations, to be humble always, not to fraud or cheat anyone and not to play mind games. My mom always used her heart in everything. She was also very artistic. Whatever I will be achieving in my future, somewhere it will be incomplete without her. I know now that the biggest loss one suffers is losing one’s mom.”


In fact, Shashank even got a tattoo in the memory of his mother. He says:

“I inked my mother’s name in 2013. Every mom is special to me. I normally don’t celebrate Mother’s Day, but I go to an orphanage on my mother’s Tithi.”


He also remembers the jokes he cracked with her. He says:

“The funniest part was, I used to tell my mom, that I want to marry her because she is so beautiful, and she knew how to cook, so we would bond very nicely!”


Well, we’re sure Shashank that she is happy with your success, wherever she is. And you will only make her happier by becoming even more successful.  🙂


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