Posted on May 15, 2017 at 11:06 am

Indian TV

Rashami Desai : My Relationship With My Mom Is Very Pure

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My relationship is my mom is very pure. She is a child to me and I take care of her like a baby. She is a strong single parent and she took good care of me and my brother.


There were times when many people were against me but she stood by me, fought for me. She dedicated her life for me and my brother and while doing that she forgot hers. Now I make it sure that she should go out with her friends and she should enjoy. I also see that she should travel here and there. I make sure that loves her life. She has loads of dreams but she only cared about us and forgot her.
There are lot of unsaid things between me and her.


There are times when I got to know about her sacrifices and struggle but I never told her anything. Because few things left unsaid is right. She taught me how to smile in tough times. I want to tell her:

“Mom I love you and can’t think of life without you”. <3

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