Posted on May 17, 2017 at 11:13 am

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Actor Producer Ramman Handa Speaks On Radhe Ma Debuting With Web Series!

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What made you take Radhe Ma in the web series ‘No Casting No couch Only Ouch’?

When I got to know her personally, I felt she is a very positive human being. She is very kind, motivational and a selfless person. She plays the role of universal mother, who is the messenger of God. She takes the protagonist character out of depression and gives him motivation. So I thought who better than Radhe Ma herself to play this role.

Was it easy to convince Radhe Ma to do the special appearance?

Yes, it was easy. When I asked her, her reply was very simple, “How can I say no to my child?” She accepted it out of love and affection for me. Also, she is doing this web series for a social cause. We have raised an important issue in this series for a social cause.


Who are the prominent actors who are a part of it?

Aaradhna Utpal, Pankaj Berry, Aman Maheshwari and Ayushi Sharma are the major actors who are a part of it.


How did the shoot with her go?

It was excellent, she was very cooperative. She used almost four to five variations for a dialogue. We were a little hesitant but she was so enthusiastic that the output turned out to be good. Also, she gave her place for free for the shoot. Also, the design and decorations were arranged by her people. Co-producer Gaurang Sadarangani is very enthusiastic and ambitious too about the project


What are your plans for Natak Entertainment, your production house?

>I am ambitious and intend to produce more short films, web series, TV shows and films as well in the long run.

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