Posted on May 17, 2017 at 11:33 am


Irrfan Khan’s New Video ‘No More Generation Gap’ Is Hilarious

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FilterCopy, the entertainment channel of Pocket Aces partners with Irrfan Khan for a hilarious new video- No More Generation Gap using a telemarketing angle. This video is in line with Irrfan’s upcoming movie ‘Hindi Medium’.


Irrfan through the video tries selling a fictional product called – LITBit  (pun intended) that helps parents to get in sync with the acronyms and language of today’s generation and cut the communication gap, but with swag.  LITBit   does this with utmost convenience.  After parents wear the LITBit   band they transform into a new found being. The LITBit   band magically induces the “BRB” and “Bae” into the minds of left-out parents and brings them closer to their kids.


Commenting on the video, the actor said:

“I have realized digital and web audiences are only growing and we can’t shy away from it anymore. I am decently active on social media, my entire life is not out there but I believe it is a very good medium for me to engage with the community which includes audience that consumes content only on the web. Also, FilterCopy creates entertaining, relevant and hilarious content. Collaborating with the new generation of bright minds is always something that I look forward to.”


This is in continuation with the character he plays in his upcoming release ‘Hindi Medium’ where Irrfan tries to adjust to his wife’s demands of providing their daughter with the best of education in a posh English medium school. ‘Hindi Medium’ scheduled to release on 19th May, 2017.


Watch it this hilarious FilterCopy video featuring Irrfan for the “lulz” and share it with your friends and parents alike because it’s funny no matter your age!


And as Irrfan says, ‘cuz sometimes you gotta do what you gotta do’. So get with the times, and rooooll with it. Yo! 😉

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