Posted on May 18, 2013 at 12:30 am

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Judges are in awe of India's Biggest Dramebaaz!

India’s Biggest Dramebaaz had some of the greatest actors who have judged the show. This is what the talented judges, Vivek Oberoi, Anurag Basu and Sonali Bendre, have to say about the show.

Vivek Oberoi said:

Over the years, I’ve received many offers on television but it had to be a show that I connected with. Besides, I’ve turned a father this year and the time is ideal for me to be surrounded by mischievous kids. It will prepare me for what I’ll need to handle in just a few years. My role on the show has been more like that of a big brother to the kids who guides them. Had there been such wonderful avenues for acting when I was a kid, I’d have surely participated!


Sonali Bendre said:

The show presents a win-win situation for me… I just love these kids. I’m glad the show provides an atmosphere that puts them at ease, allows them to come into their own and be themselves. Their talent is overwhelming and we have seen some brilliant performances through the season so far. The kids are cute and talkative. Their innocence is adorable and has appealed to absolutely everybody.


Anurag Basu said:

With this show, I’ve got an opportunity to interact with so many talented children. We are not saying that we will create future superstars here. Our main objective has been to bring out the spontaneity of the kids where they will perform without being conscious and I can confidently say we’ve been successful in that. That is why apart from watching their performances; I have been spending time with them personally to understand their creativity. I think the naughtiest, most mischievous kids have fared better on the show!


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