Posted on October 10, 2023 at 12:34 am

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UT69 releasing on 3rd November to star Raj Kundra as lead actor in his life story!

The latest buzz in Bollywood circles is Raj Kundra‘s upcoming biopic, UT69. Today, a new video was released that left no room for speculation – Raj Kundra is the leading man in his own biopic. It also established firmly that Farah Khan is not at the helm of direction.

Photo courtesy Raj Kundra team
Photo courtesy Raj Kundra team

Over the past 15 days, a series of videos has been unveiled, teasing Raj Kundra‘s biopic UT69, slated for release on November 3rd.

This unique marketing approach has piqued curiosity and ignited interest among the audience. With Farah Khan’s absence from the director’s chair, the lingering question that remains is, who has taken on this role?



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