Posted on October 10, 2023 at 12:48 am

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Nation’s heartthrob Meezaan Jafri reveals his workout routine for his film, ‘Yaariyan 2’

Meezaan Jafri has become the heartthrob of millions of youngsters since his first film, Malaal.

Photo courtesy Meezan team
Photo courtesy Meezan team

He was last seen in Hungama 2 and now the man of the hour is grabbing the attention of the masses for his complex yet charming role in his upcoming film, Yaariyan 2.

Apart from his versatile acting skills and unconventional roles, Meezaan’s love for his fitness routine is also known to all.

Despite of having hours long busy schedules and commitments, he never missed a day of his workout to maintain his chiseled and desirable physique. Speaking about his fitness routine Meezaan Jafri said, “ I’ve always been fond of fitness, I think it’s very important to be fit in life. Fitness and nutrition has always been a big part of my life. Since I was a kid, I read and studied a lot about fitness.”

He further shared, “For Yaariyan 2 I didn’t specifically do something, I just continued working out as I had to wear sleeveless t-shirts most of the time in the film, hence my arms were supposed to look good at the same time my face was supposed to look chiseled and slim as possible because of Shikhar’s age as he’s the youngest out of the three cousins. I think the most difficult part of it is to follow a diet and try not to gain weight and maintain the same shape and it actually shows on your face more than your body. I was on no carbs and no sugar diet, I was training almost everyday, I just took once a week off. I follow a very intense and rigorous program and eat very less. I eat 4 eggs in the morning and fish and bhindi for lunch and dinner and I feel this clean diet really suits my body and it’s tried and tested and hence I continue with it.”

Meezaan Jafri’s Yaariyan 2 is all set to release in theatres on 20th October 2023, apart from this the actor also has many interesting projects in his pipelines, the details of which will be unravel soon.

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