Posted on October 6, 2023 at 9:57 am

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National Crush Rohit Saraf brightens World Smile Day with his radiant smile!

On World Smile Day, one name that lights up the hearts of fans all over the nation is none other than Rohit Saraf. Known as the “National Crush,” Rohit Saraf’s endearing smile is like a ray of sunshine on this special day dedicated to spreading joy.

Photo courtesy Rohit team
Photo courtesy Rohit team

Often caught on camera displaying his charming grin, Rohit Saraf has captured the hearts of many.

In a time when smiles hold immense value, Rohit Saraf’s radiant smile shines as a symbol of optimism and joy.

This talented actor, celebrated for his heartwarming portrayal of Rishi Singh Shekhawat in the web series Mismatched. It serves as a reminder that even during difficult moments, a simple smile can uplift our spirits.


As fans worldwide come together to mark World Smile Day, Rohit’s social media profiles are adorned with his enchanting smile. And captivating both his fans and the wider audience.


This smile possesses the remarkable ability to transform a gloomy day into one filled with positivity. And making the world feel like a brighter and happier place.

Amid life’s uncertainties, Rohit Saraf’s smile brings constant comfort and joy, reminding us that there’s always a reason to smile.

On World Smile Day, let’s follow our National Crush and spread positivity. His upcoming project, reprising Rishi Singh Shekhawat in Mismatched’s third installment. It adds to the anticipation, solidifying his status as a style and talent trailblazer.

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