Posted on August 8, 2023 at 2:33 am

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Pawan Chopra talks about his passion for acting and the highs and lows

Covid has made the world realise the importance of mental well-being. While most of us took care of our physical health, we ignored the issues of our minds. Not to forget the social taboos attached to those dealing with mental health. However, many are of the opinion that times are changing. Depression and anxiety have become common ailments, or as doctors say, for a change people are slowly starting to openly talk about it. Actor Pawan Chopra, who is a known face on TV, films and OTT, is happy that people have finally started realising their importance.


Photo Courtesy Pawan Chopra Team
Photo Courtesy Pawan Chopra Team


“The pressure is immense, if you are not seen for some time you are written off, your career choices are questioned, you lose your respect among relatives and it can happen within the family. So you are all alone steering your own boat. When a storm comes you will be all alone to steer your boat, because you chose this field. There is always some talent who will take your place and as you age roles are also difficult to get. I meditate almost daily, and now for 30 years, I have been. I find peace within, I believe in myself, it’s my own journey and remain focused on my work. I keep on endeavoring hard. I have to fight many personnel battles,” he says.

But acting is his religion, identity, bread and butter. So Pawan devotes time to sharpening his skills.

“If I am stressed about it, then that won’t help me in any way. This is a difficult field, how hard you work or prove to the world, you have to be really very patient and optimistic. Depression and mental issues, I don’t know about other fields, but in this field oh yes, it’s there One time you are so busy with work and people enquiring about so many projects, requesting for your dates, offering you this or that role, you feel so wanted and feel so good and then there is sudden silence, a big pause and you start having self-doubts. So it can play havoc with your mind. The best thing I have practiced for many years is not to get affected by success or failure. So when I have no work, I read a lot, travel a lot, watch plays and try to develop myself. My advice will be to have supreme faith in yourself, you know yourself better than anyone, you are unique, and keep working hard. Don’t make this field of work a matter of life and death, don’t let the world run you, you run the world. You are the king of your own world,” he says.

The comfort and accessibility that technology has added to our fast-paced life, no one is able to slow down. Everyone wants to do more, do better than the other, and earn as much money as possible, sometimes even by hook or crook. Life definitely has changed a lot.

“And due to social media, you are under constant scrutiny, that’s what to do with a big city like Mumbai. You won’t know time will just go by. I have already spent 23 years in this field, and it’s unbelievable. It can make you mad as you are always competing. We have been put into this habit, constant work mode, feeding data, content etc. Sometimes, I feel we are only data and not human beings constantly trying to create a better version of ourselves, upgrading ourselves. Let the world run at its own pace, you don’t need to. Meditate, relax, listen to good music, travel, and don’t lose out on beautiful things in life. I myself am a very slow-paced person, I am like a tortoise myself,” he shares.

So what’s the biggest goal that you want to achieve?

“My biggest goal will be to be called one of the best actors in the world and want to see myself working in Hollywood. Sheer integrity and commitment towards work and sometimes responsibility towards society and nation, these are what many Hollywood artists are made of. I want to be like one of them. An actor is not only for acting, name, fame, or money. He has a responsibility toward nation-building. He can contribute so much towards society’s transformation,” he says.

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