Posted on August 5, 2023 at 9:45 am

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Sumati Singh recalls facing depression after losing a street cat she was deeply connected to

Actress Sumati Singh, who is known for her roles in shows such as ‘Roop-Mard Ka Naya Swaroop’ and ‘Amma Ke Babu Ki Baby’, is now perfectly cutting the arc with her acting as ‘Kirti’ in the daily soap ‘Kismat Ki Lakiro Se.’ Apart from bagging such pivotal roles for herself, the actress once had to struggle for even a small role on TV. She has come a long way, with her hard work and nuanced acting skills, but apart from that the diva is also very humble and down to earth. And as the monsoons have arrived heavily in Mumbai, the actress opens up her soft heart about helping street animals during heavy rainfall and all the things she is doing to take care of them, and she also rolls down some advisory measures that can be taken by the government to save innocent animals.


Photo Courtesy Sumati Singh Team
Photo Courtesy Sumati Singh Team


Talking about how she is helping street animals during monsoons, Sumati says,

“In monsoons, it becomes very difficult for the pets and animals to find shelter and food. In our society, we have built up an area where anyone can come and keep water or food for the animals. I have two cats, so I know how it feels when I come home late and see that there is no food or water in their bowls.” She adds, “The animals can’t even speak, so that is more painful. I mostly keep cat food in my building for street cats. I also keep milk, bread, water, and whatever is available. Every society should take this initiative to keep food and water at least for the street animals.”

Going down memory lane, she shares a story of her getting into depression after a street cat died due to heavy rain. Says,

“A few years back, I used to stay in Versova. And One day, during heavy rains, I saw two baby cats outside my building. One was dead, and the other kitten was sitting next to it. I felt so bad for that little cat that I grabbed her and took her home. She was the first cat I had in Mumbai. She couldn’t survive for many days, even when I took her to the doctor. I got so attached in just a month that when she died, I was in depression for a week. After this incident, one of my friends called me and told me that there are two more cats just like the one I got if I would like to adopt them. I went and took both of them. I have had them for 5–6 years. All the cats that I had were rescued and adopted.”

Photo Courtesy Sumati Singh Team
Photo Courtesy Sumati Singh Team

When asked about some people not allowing wet animals to sit in the shade of their shops and homes, She replies,

“I feel sad that people don’t let animals sit; they throw water or beat them sometimes. I have grown up with animals all around me. My grandmother used to keep cows. So I have a soft corner for the animals.”

Talking about getting associated with an NGO working for animal welfare, She says,

“Unfortunately, I haven’t connected to any NGO that takes care of street animals till now. But I would love to join such an NGO as I am an animal lover.”

Sumati concluded her talk by giving some suggestions to the government about what can be done to keep street animals safe. She says,

“There must be a shelter for animals. Where there is food, shelter, and water is provided. There must be one or two such shelters in a particular area. The government organisation that takes care of the street animals must be more active during the monsoon.”

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