Posted on June 6, 2023 at 4:05 am

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World Environment Day: Rasha Thadani pens a note urging everyone to take steps towards conserving the environment

Rasha Thadani turns young crusader for the protection of the environment, urging netizens to play their part in the conservation of the nature. Taking steps towards sustainable environment on World Environment Day.

Photo courtesy Rasha team
Photo courtesy Rasha team

Marking the Environment Day, Rasha shared a post saying,


“It’s world environment day!! Nature and wildlife are the most beautiful things to exist. I have always loved going to the forest, just the feeling of being one with nature, photographing the jungle and its stunning creatures.


There’s a different sort of serenity and bliss, the fresh air, the smell of the flowers, the early morning dew. However, the earth is experiencing prevalent issues like climate change, pollution and resource depletion which is important to be aware of.

We can do so much to help conserve and protect the environment, small steps can help create a large impact. I always make sure to recycle items like newspapers, I also make sure that I never litter- (I never let my friends do either). I ensure that no food or water is wasted, I save it to give it to stray dogs or cats.

I use cloth or paper bags over plastic bags, I have also switched to paper straws. When leaving a room, I switch off all my lights, fan or AC, saving the energy and electricity which contribute to creating a sustainable environment. Recently, I was also introduced to bamboo tissues which can be easily recycled. This environment day, you can help the Earth, it’s easy. You can plant a tree or even give a stray food and water, it’ll go a long way.”


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While there has been no official confirmation on Rasha Thadani’s film debut, the young and talented beauty. It has been gearing for her first feature film, details of which are expected to be announced soon.

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