Posted on April 19, 2023 at 3:21 am

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Nivedita Basu opens up on Preity Zinta’s post about how she was harassed by fans

Recently, actress Preity Zinta posted about how she was harassed by fans. While one lady planted a kiss on her child’s cheek, another man almost followed her cars, harassing her for money. All this while, the photographers just stood and laughed. Nivedita Basu, VP-Content and Business Alliance, Atrangii TV and OTT says that being a celebrity means exposing your life to the public.

“I think the moment you put yourself out there and you’re a star, people want a slice of your life. They want to know what you’re doing, where are you doing, when are you doing, how you’re doing. So, I understand what Preity went through and do understand that people want their privacy sometimes they request for it. Like I saw Ranbir and Alia specially holding a lunch at their home after their daughter Raha was born and telling them that we don’t want anything, even with Anushka and Virat,” she says.

She adds that this happens to an extent in the west as well.

“I’m not sure if I followed it as much as internationally. As far as I know, actors are harassed and sometimes they also have issues. I have seen their lawyers actually putting it out there. I know of reporters who actually say they keep waiting for their scoop and actors putting out on social media first whether it is marriages, big landmark things in life. So, they’re also rendered redundant. I do agree she didn’t want her kids pictures out there, she could have probably requested them. I’m sure the press would honour it,” she says.

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