Posted on April 19, 2023 at 5:49 am

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Edward Maya: “I intend to be the Christopher Columbus of music”

Romanian music composer and DJ Edward Maya has often called India his second home, he also revealed that the country has played an important role in shaping his artistic career.

Photo courtesy Edward Maya team
Photo courtesy
Edward Maya team

His remix of the popular song Kesariya has been loved by the audience all over! From weddings to clubs, it was all over until fans started demanding it’s official release. He was also acknowledged and appreciated by music composer Pritam Chakraborty for his work.

But why makes it more special, on popular demand the song will be released worldwide on 21st April on Sony Music India label on YouTube and all digital platforms.


When asked how he felt when fans demanded the official release of Kesariya remix. He said,


“I started playing this remix version of mine as a surprise element at my shows since January. The reaction and response I got from the fans was overwhelming! My fans shared about the same on their social handles, tagging me and it became a kind of an organic viral ever since. Fans from various corners of the world like Brazil, Mexico, Morrocco, Turkey started sending me messages and commenting on the posts to release this officially. And everything started to fall in place leading to the official release of my remix”.


He then opened up on his thoughts on Pritam acknowledging and complimenting his work. Edward said,

“As an artist myself, I have always regarded Pritam as one of the finest music producers in Bollywood. His style of production is very similar to mine – very melodic and emotional. Pritam responded to one of the stories I uploaded tagging him, complementing my work for his original. I am now in constant touch with him and maybe coming out with more surprises in the future”.


When asked about his creation proving as a medium to create a bridge between Indian and International audience and what goes behind in achieving it. Edward said,


“I have always considered that the world is one and all of us are equals, be it music or any other perception. India and Romania have been sharing a special bond since ages and I want to make music the formula to bring together synergies from all across the world and be the medium to make geo territories closer to each other. In simple terms, I intend to be the Christopher Columbus of music to prove that the world has at least one common connection – the music”.


Revealing his plans on taking Bollywood music to next level Edward said,


“Bollywood is anyways the second biggest film industry in the world. I will be that little percentage contributing to amplify it’s music to the various corners of the globe through projects like collaborations, remixes, adaptations etc. To add to this, my closeness to India in its philosophies will also be an added advantage in propelling my vision”.


Apart from this, the composer is busy with his new venture called Mayavin School. He has called India his second home and says the country has played an important role in shaping his artistic career.


His Mayavin School, based in Rishikesh, seeks to unite people from all around the globe in a community ready to create and experience ‘conscious art and yoga’ at a whole new level.

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