Posted on April 4, 2023 at 2:00 am

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“Mayavin is an aspect of Shiva”, International Music Composer and DJ Edward Maya on his new venture ‘Mayavin School’

Romanian music composer and DJ Edward Maya has often called India his second home. He also revealed that the country has played an important role in shaping his artistic career.


Photo courtesy Edward team
Photo courtesy Edward team

The star was recently seen spending some time in Rishikesh where he recently started Mayavin School to unite people.


From all around the globe in a community ready to create and experience at a whole new level the conscious art, yoga of beauty and pure eros.


When asked about his experience in Rishikesh Edward responded,


“For the moment, I am still in Rishikesh and plan to be here for the next couple of months or so. My experience so far has been ecstatic. The vibe that got immersed into me as soon as I arrived here is making me experience a different dimension of life”.


When asked about the inspiration behind the Mayavin School of Esoteric Art and Contemplation. Edward responded,


“I come from a family who has been practising Yoga for over 20 years. My father taught me Yoga and I have since then adapted it as part of my daily routine. Yoga is a part of my life and it’s helping me to pursue what I am here for”.

He shared,


“Apart from my interest in music, I am also a painter and I have a collection in the form of canvas art and paintings. My vision is to combine art and music to heal people from all obstacles in life like poor mental health, stress, anxiety and all those factors affecting today’s existence. All this has made up my mind to begin a one of it’s kind – Mayavin School of Esoteric Art and Contemplation. Mayavin is also an aspect of Shiva which is considered to be the Supreme Magician or Master of Cosmic Illusion. All of these culminate my way of thinking”.

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