Posted on March 2, 2021 at 2:52 pm

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John Abraham, Taha Shah Badussha raise Tuesday Temperatures with their oh-so-candid body shots

B-town celebs and social media surprises are old news, what’s always interesting though, is the periodic, peek-a-boo into their no makeup, candid, just like you and my lifestyle. However, we know it’s the “HOT” factor that separates us, mortals, from these drool-worthy on-screen figures. Celebs like Disha Patani, Alia Bhatt et all have raised the oomph quotient in the past few weeks,  this time it seems to be men doing the hotness honors.

Action Superstar John Abraham and Dharma and YRF man-boy Taha Shah Badussha did just that today by posting their on-set body shots raising the already summery b-town temperatures.

While John seemed to be patiently waiting for his Wardrobe change with a cushion for cover, Taha was wondering about throwing his towel?! Either way, who is complaining!

Have a look at what these Greek Gods had to say on their Instagram posts.

While John is shooting for multiple projects including Satyamev Jayate 2 and Attack, Taha will soon be seen in  Ekta Kapoor’s Bekaaboo 2.

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