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Tuesday Trivia: Do You Know Dhadkan Was Suppose To End With Suniel Shetty’s Character Dying

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Suniel Shetty turns 59 today. He has completed the span of almost 25 years in the industry. Making his debut in Bollywood with the 1992 film Balwaan opposite Divya Bharti, the actor has gone on to play memorable roles in films like Mohra (1994), Gopi Kishan (1994), Rakshak (1996), Border (1997), Bhai (1997), Hera Pheri (2000), Dhadkan (2000), De Dana Dan (2010) among others.


But among these one of her most successful films is Dhadkan (2000). The film also completes 20 years today. On this remark lets jog your memory a bit, Dhadkan is the story of two star-crossed lovers, who are forced to part ways. When their paths cross three years later, there is nostalgia, anguish, destruction and finally, peace.

As per the film story goes, Shilpa Shetty played the role of Anjali, hailing from a rich family. Her boyfriend, Dev played by Suniel Shetty, on the other hand, is from poor, but loves her with all his heart. (We know you can hear Suniel Shetty say ‘Anjali’. So can we). Anjali’s father, Narendra Chauhan (played by Kiran Kumar), disapproves of his daughter’s choice and wants her to marry Ram (Akshay Kumar), a rich businessman, just like him. Anjali respects her parents’ decision and agrees to the marriage, leaving Dev heartbroken. Gradually, she moves on and falls in love with her husband, but her life (and the scriptwriter) has other plans.

Three years later, Dev and Anjali bump into each other. While the former has improved his financial status and seeks to win over his lady love once again, the latter is happy with her husband and finds herself in a difficult position. When Anjali tells Dev that she is in love with Ram, he turns hostile and vows to destroy Ram’s life. And he does so. For quite some time.

Towards the climax, Anjali reveals to Dev that she is carrying Ram’s child in her womb. She then requests him to leave her and her husband alone. The film ends on a positive note with the villain having a change of heart and walking away from the couple’s life, finding happiness in his business partner and lover, Sheetal (Mahima Chaudhry).

While there is a twist in the tale. As per Shilpa Shetty during a reality Tv show stated that Dhadkan’s climax was to be different from what was shown. The show has Suniel Shetty as the special guest.

She stated,

“The end of the film was not the one that was shown. There is a scene where Suniel says that ‘Agar tum mujhse door chali gayi to mere dil ki dhadkan khud ba khud ruk jayegi’. So, in the end when I confront him and reveal that I am going to be the mother of Ram’s child. (What was supposed to happen was that) Suniel is sitting on a sofa and he dies (after hearing the news) because he realises that Anjali is actually gone. That was the original end, which wasn’t shot. He (Suniel) was the real hero.”

To this, Suniel added,

“It was a very beautiful ending but then everybody wanted it to be happier.”

Talking about shooting for the song Tum Dil Ki Dhadkan Mein, the actor said that most of his memories are from shooting in Switzerland, while wearing a torn Kolhapuri chappal, in chilled weather with three buttons of the shirt open. He further said that their director was quite passionate.

The diva also open up about how Suniel Shetty came on board for the film. She said,

“When this film was offered to Suniel, he was busy with some other project. And Dharmesh (the director) wanted to complete the movie in three months. I remember we shot with another actor (instead of Suniel), but he (the director) felt that the actor could not play the role of Dev. Finally, Suniel came on board. It was in his destiny to play the role.”

She even took to Instagram and post a heartwarming note with a video on 20 years of the film. Check out the video right here:

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