Posted on January 15, 2020 at 1:57 am

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Sona Mohapatra invited as the only Indian dignitary for India’s space satellite launch in Paris

The multi-talented singer has been invited by France based space agency, Ariane to be present at the event representing India for the ISRO launch

The sensational singer has been invited to the launch of an Indian satellite in Paris to provide an Indian perspective in the event & to help amplify interest for space studies & science in India as a youth influencer.

While 2020 posed new opportunities for everyone, for Sona Mohapatra the year kickstarted with going back to her academic roots, her being a brilliant science student & engineer. The talented artist was recently invited to go to Paris for a talk show that will see the launch of an Indian Satellite by the European space launcher, Ariane. The organizers of the event requested her to represent the country and speak about the importance and relevance of space and science in our daily lives.



Arianespace, the European launch service provider headquartered in France, produces a curated show for each of their launches and this time it will be Sona representing India at the prestigious international event. On January 16, the space agency will be launching ISRO satellite GSAT-30, hence the organizers wished for someone to discuss the importance of space and its study in India. Sona being someone who is articulate on a wide number of issues that resonate with the youth & has the qualifications of BTech in Instrumentation & Electronics was an obvious choice. She harbors a great love for space studies since she was a little girl and when the opportunity presented itself, she was happy to accept & provide a lay-mans perspective on the occasion. At the event, she will be joined by US-based Television presenter Sarah Cruddas and Athena Brensberger, an astrophysicist amongst others.

An ecstatic Sona tells us,

“My childhood fascination for space is well known in my close circles. My father has a profound connection with the stars, being a Navigation Specialist and instructor on Astro and Radar Navigation in the Indian Navy. He used to sit us, three sisters, down in the lawn and make us stare into the sky and do a ‘Star Quiz’. While I went on to other fields of study and studied to be an engineer, I eventually found my calling in music. That hasn’t diminished my fascination for space. This opportunity thrills me to bits. Knowing that the success of a show like the ‘Big Bang Theory’ has made kids all around the world interested in science & I feel fortunate that I will be able to contribute through my participation in a small way.”

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