Posted on May 11, 2019 at 4:11 am

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#Fitness: Ali Fazal inspires Richa Chadha for fitness, takes up working with Hrithik Roshan’s trainer, Mustafa Ahmed

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How Richa got inspired from her bae on fitness!

Actors often spend a lot of time out of their busy schedule in gym and other fitness methods for fitness and personal well being. It’s very important for every actors to stay fit to have great endurance skills to adapt to the high demanding jobs they do. They spend long hours in between sets, events, promotions amongst other things for which they are required to stay fit and have high energy level. Every actor has their own set of dedicated trainers who work extensively and in their own unique way to keep them fit. Actor Ali Fazal is one such actor who has a dedicated fitness trainer who is training Ali to achieve his goal for his next project. Mustafa Ahmed is a world renowned fitness trainer who is has been a personal trainer to the likes of Hrithik Roshan and Mahesh Babu amongst many others. He is been training Ali past few months for his season 2 of his popular digital series, Mirzapur. Now it’s been learnt Ali’s beau Richa Chadha will be trained under Mustufa’s guidance.


Richa and Ali often discuss their fitness regime and she is been raving Ali’s current fitness progress under Mustafa’s fitness regime. Richa who is a fitness freak and keeps herself busy daily gyming dedicatedly is now going to be trained by Mustufa. Currently Richa is going through Kabaddi training for her upcoming sports film Panga helmed by Ashwiny Iyer Tiwari. Her fitness training under the world renowned fitness expert will be an added advantage for her Kabaddi training. Mustafa is going to be a common connection between Richa and Ali to fitness.



Speaking about it, Richa said,

“Mustafa is a fitness genius, and I don’t say this because I’m training with him. He really is. I first saw him with Ali and how they were training together and how intricate and personal the process was. Which is exactly what fitness is for me, it’s personal, it can’t be copy paste. Mustafa does that so well, because I saw such prominent results on Ali, I was instantly convinced. Once I began training with him, I realized how much of a personal effort he puts in each of us, because he truly spends time to understand an individual body, straight, agility and then works on a plan best suited for them. Also coincidentally I was training was Panga then and this came in at the right time and became tremendously helpful for that too. It’s been an uphill task for me as I needed to work extra hard to get to this point, because of a previous injury. Now I am healed and rearing to go.”

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