Posted on October 2, 2018 at 12:39 am

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Prachi Tehlan Speaks About Undimmed Darkness Of Glam World

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Prachi Tehlan Speaks About Undimmed Darkness Of Glam World

Does the glamour world put too much pressure on actors? Tehlan’s new emotional post hints at it! Prachi Tehlan, an actress who is known for her versatile approach in the entertainment world, recently shared an emotional post on her social handle.

“Highly complicated profession. Most difficult is to deal with so many different kinds of people and understanding their mindset, games they play with you.. and also how beautifully they create misconceptions in your head disturbing you.”

What are we (actors) expected to do?
Well.. we are expected to face everything with a smile on our face. Suffer the roller coasters and volcanos of emotions inside us being diplomatic in front of people.

Why is it so difficult to just be white and black. Why do we have to push yourself to be into the GREY always!

Just thoughts…. experiences.. daily emotions which change on an hourly basis.. it was a long day… but I wish everything happens in favor of what’s good for everyone… and everyone feels happy at the end of the day. 😊” posted Prachi.

Her thought triggers our mind with the real question – Does the glamour world put too much pressure on the actors? These days most actresses are pressured into looking flawless as everyone has become so subjective about the looks. And is Prachi any different?

The post written by Prachi indicates the actual struggle an artist goes through after stepping into the glamour world – The self-inflicted doubts, mind games, unwanted enmity or pressure to outperform others etc., are there, even if one can’t see it.

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But if you read the post and understand the way she concluded her thoughts at the end, it clearly shows that the woman has got her game intact despite the obstacles. Being a shining name in sports and a rising TV and Cinema star, Prachi is a rare combination of strength and grace. Her abilities as a sportsperson and an actress are something that makes her unique and stands out from others. And now this emotional take on her profession clearly show ‘How obstacles and mixed emotions are a part of life but one needs to overcome them too!’.

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