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A Few Fun Ideas For A Visit To London

A Few Fun Ideas For A Visit To London

There aren’t many ties between a city and a country a world away from another quite like those between London and India. While the history between the UK and India is checkered to say the least, a long history of relations has led to a fairly heavy Indian influence on the English capital. In fact, an account of the London population and demographics published this year noted that the most common country of birth for London residents outside the UK is India.

For this reason, London remains one of the most interesting foreign cities for Indians to visit. So we have a few tips for fun things to do while you’re there. So we have a few tips for fun things on while you’re there.


Tour Buckingham Palace

You can’t get much more London than Buckingham Palace, which makes it worth the tour. From a distance it’s little more than an old, impressive building, but the closer you get the more spectacular it seems. And the tour includes several impressive sights, including the lavish state rooms used to entertain foreign dignitaries, the gardens, and a new Prince of Wales Exhibition. Plus, if you’re taking the time to visit, you can also engineer the occasion such that you get to see the famous changing of the guard outside of the palace.



A Few Fun Ideas For A Visit To London

Ride The Eye 

As much as it seems like a tourist trap – and is, to some degree – the London Eye has become one of the more striking urban landmarks in Europe. Sitting right at the edge of the River Thames and in close proximity to the famous Tower of London, the Eye is a massive Ferris wheel – and not the kind you see at carnivals. It has large, enclosed compartments where people can stand and mingle, and in some cases sip champagne and indulge in other little treats. Best of all though, the Eye goes high enough to provide passengers with incredible views of some of the prettiest parts of the city.

See Live Football

Football is part of London’s DNA, and accordingly there’s plenty to be had around the city. In any given year there are at least three or four London teams competing in the top flight of the English football system, and the famous Wembley Stadium, which hosts the FA Cup’s key rounds and other neutral competitions, is also in town. The FA Cup is the biggest domestic trophy in English football, so it’s a good event to target, but home matches at Arsenal (Emirates Stadium) and Chelsea (Stamford Bridge) are always a treat as well.

Boat The Thames

Like most rivers that flow through or past big cities, the Thames has spots at which it’s not the most picturesque body of water on the planet. However the total setting of a wide river calmly flowing along one of the great cities of Earth is intoxicating, and draws some visitors to the water itself. Depending on your preference you can sometimes rent a kayak or rowboat to propel yourself along the waters, or if you’d rather simply relax you can indulge in a river cruise. Either way, seeing London from the water is a treat.

Soak Up Some History

This isn’t a specific recommendation, but as you likely know, London is full of historical buildings and monuments. Buckingham Palace is a good start, but you can easily make a whole trip to this city about history. You can tour the British Museum or Westminster Abbey, read about the different attractions around Trafalgar Square, or even visit some of the older pubs to hear about their various legacies. There’s no limit to historical tourism in this town.

Eat Indian Food! 

Because of the aforementioned ties between India and England – and London specifically – the city has become known as one of the true global hot spots for authentic Indian cuisine. In fact, as silly as it sounds, some will claim the best Indian in London is better than the best in India itself! That might be going a little bit too far, but the best Indian restaurants are quite wonderful, and well worth your time.

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