Posted on October 27, 2017 at 11:58 am

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Tabu: Not easy to get an actress to play a comic role

Generation over generation, comedy seems to be a man’s play. While Charlie Chaplin was the man in Hollywood, it was Mehmood and Johnny Walker in Bollywood. Hell even on Television, it is Mr. Bean who makes us laugh, not Mrs. Bean.

It has become a sort of an unsaid mandate that comedy can be performed better by men than women. Even if a woman is in a comic role, the man will hog most of her limelight and you can be assured that the woman will be forgotten for her role over the period of time.

When asked Tabu, who recently appeared in ‘Golmaal Again’, about the same, she told UrbanAsian,

“It’s not that easy to get an actress to play a comic role. It’s not the norm no matter if you see nationally or internationally. I think comedy is taken with a pinch of salt, which is good.”

How many of you agree with Tabu?

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