Posted on October 27, 2017 at 12:26 pm

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Arshad Warsi: Comedy is a pain in the ass

Be it ‘Munnabhai’ or ‘Golmaal’, Arshad Warsi has given these films a boost with his impeccable comic timing. But did you know that Arshad, who makes comedy look so effortless, actually finds it a pain in the ass?

Yes, Arshad opened up to UrbanAsian and said,

“I think it is good to have a sense of humour. Don’t ever marry a guy who doesn’t have a sense of humour. I think I have some sense of humour. Mariah is fed up of it, but we’re good.”

“But comedy is a pain in the ass. It tires you, exhausts you. You have to be high on energy, jumping around, which is not easy, nor will it ever come easy,” he added.

Are you up for Arshad’s advice? More so, didn’t your views on comedy just change a little?

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