Posted on September 14, 2017 at 4:00 am

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5 Years Of Barfi!: Why All Songs From This One Are A Clear Winner Till Date

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There are very few songs, especially in the evolving time in Bollywood, which stay with us, and it is even rarer that a movie and its songs are just as good, which can be heard and are relevant with passing time. One such movie is ‘Barfi!’, whose songs are super relatable till date, and hence, even after 5 years since its release, the songs are a clear winner even today. Here’s to celebrating the moment with all of those songs. Hear them here:

Phir Le Aya


Itni Si Hasi


Kyun Na Hum Tum


‘Main Kya Karoon’



‘Ala Barfi’



‘Saawali Si Raat’


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