Posted on July 27, 2017 at 12:12 pm


UA Exclusive: Baaraat Company lead Sandeepa Dhar in a candid chat

You would know the beautiful actress Sandeepa Dhar for her role in ‘Isi Life Mein!’ and more recently, for ‘7 Hours To Go’. She is now the lead in ‘Baaraat Company’ and in a candid chat with UrbanAsian, she spoke about her director Syed Ahmed Afzal, the toughest part of being an actress and if she would like to work in Hollywood.

What do you love the most in Syed’s films?

There a sort of desi-pan in his films. Even if you watch ‘Laal Rang’, it shows the raw side of India. I think his sense of that is really nice. How a director writes and takes out a performance depends a lot on that.


What is the toughest part about being an actress?

That each Friday decides your destiny, and when people have opinions about you – good, bad, ugly and more. We are all out in the open. Anyone can say anything about us and we need to be okay with it. The critic will say what they like about us and we have to be okay with that. That is tough. We carry emotions on our sleeves. I’m probably sharing some of my most personal emotions with the entire world. So it’s tough being judged constantly.


Since you’re already into Broadway, would you also like to explore doing Hollywood films?

Of course! I even want to do Spanish, Iranian, Mexican.

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