Posted on July 27, 2017 at 1:56 pm


EXCLUSIVE: Baarat Company is a face-off between old and new ideology, says director Syed Ahmad Afzal

‘Baaraat Company’ hits the theatres tomorrow, and the director of this movie, Syed Ahmad Afzal, has some information to give out right before the release.

While speaking to us at UrbanAsian exclusively, he stated,

‘Baaraat Company’ is actually a face-off between old and new ideology.”

Well, we got to know about it from the trailer, which seems to be very earthy, yet it has the 21st Century girl and that is how our question actually arrived – about including a 21st century girl in a plot which is based on a family with traditional thoughts.

Sandeepa Dhar, in our previous interview (, called him very desi, to which Syed said,

“Yes it’s true. I try to connect with my roots, which is why my films (‘Youngistaan’, ‘Laal Rang’), including ‘Baaraat Company’, have such an element.”

Now that just makes us pretty excited to know how ‘Baaraat Company’ has been executed.

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