Posted on July 31, 2017 at 11:34 am

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Baatein Gubbaro Si Udi from Gurgaon gives us insights on Ragini Khanna’s character

While the feel of the song might be romantic, ‘Baatein Gubbaro Si Udi’ from the movie ‘Gurgaon’ stands true and real.

There might be some love story brewing in Ragini Khanna’s life, but it is nowhere fantasized. All the emotions appear to be true.

This might just be another song which shows how much a girl loves and is responsible for her family, and at the same time, she is balancing her equation with the one person she loves outside the family.

The background of the person she loves, however, is shown to be shady and TBH, it is frightening. But this woman is also bold enough to fight her own battles, which is also shown in the song, where she pushes the man who harasses her.

Watch this song here: