Posted on July 31, 2017 at 12:06 pm


Arjun Rampal: It is on the audience to judge if Arun Gawli is Daddy or a gangster

Arjun Rampal is often known to take up serious roles, which have shades attached to it. His recent choice, picking up the biopic on Arun Gawli, titled ‘Daddy,’ is not just another latest addition, but a surprising one.

Arjun however, has often opted for a realistic movie than any fantasy type (of course there are exceptions). When asked him if he is drawn to these roles and the actor says,

“I prefer realism unless it’s a fantasy film where one has to create one’s own reality. What’s intriguing about playing Arun Gawli is the duality in his personality. He was not referred to as bhai, don, ustaad. Instead, he was referred to as Daddy – which reflects endearment. When I met the people who worked with him, they had a lot of love and respect for him. And when I met Arun Gawli, I realised what makes him an endearing man. He is gentle, polite and well-mannered. But, obviously there is something very dark in his personality too. I wanted the play the role as close to reality and then it to the audience to judge if he is a Daddy or a gangster.”