Posted on April 12, 2017 at 1:21 pm

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Ranbir Kapoor Or Sanjay Dutt? RK Looks UNRECOGNIZABLE!!

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Everybody working on Sanjay Dutt biopic has been maintaining that Ranbir Kapoor has done a fab job in the movie, and trust me, when you’ll look at his latest picture, all of those statements will come back haunting you. Yes, that’s how surprisingly similar RK looks!

Actually for a moment, like me, you would have thought you saw Sanjay Dutt, but at a closer glance, you also would realize it is in fact Ranbir Kapoor.

No I am not over-exaggerating. Fine! Check out his look and decide for yourself:

P.S. Brace yourselves, for the best is to come!

Now won’t you ask was that Sanjay Dutt or Ranbir Kapoor?

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