Posted on May 4, 2013 at 4:10 am

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Sonali Bendre on India’s Best Dramebaaz


Sonali Bendre is the most remarkable judge on Indian television these days! Every handsome young actor who has made an appearance on India’s Best Dramebaaz has never let up an opportunity to woo the actress. This week, Arjun Kapoor and Prithviraj were no different as they pulled out an outstanding performance to win Sonali’s attention.

The minute they arrived on the sets, the handsome dual made it their mission to get rid of their only ‘competition’ – host Rithvik Dhanjani. So they lifted him off stage and deposited him backstage for the rest of the segment! Then Prithviraj serenaded Sonali by, singing her own romantic track ‘Jo haal dil ka’ from Sarfarosh. Ended by presenting her with a rose.

When asked about how he remembered all the lyrics? Prithviraj confessed, “I had rehearsed the song before coming here.” Also, I used to think about singing this song to my first girlfriend. So I have had plenty of practice!”

The handsome Arjun was not going to be left behind in the race to impress Sonali. To so his magic Arjun launched into a dance to ‘Chokra Jawaan Re.’ Which was performed with Sonali accompanying him on stage.

Joining in the competition to represent his Rithvik bhaiya was the cute lil chota packet on the show – Nihar! Feeling that someone had to stand in place of him, Nihar sang a song for Sonali from his heart and soul.

The big question: Who won?  Of course Nihar and Sonali went straight to the cute lil actor without batting an eyelid! Sonali also mentioned,

“Arjun is one of young Bollywood’s brightest stars and there is no denying that I must-have been the envy of all the girls in the audience. Not to mention the thousands who will watch this on the weekend. Having said that, Nihar is my cutie pie on the show. There is no way that I could have picked anyone else!”

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