Posted on February 14, 2011 at 9:02 pm


Valentine's Day in Bollywood!

No one knows love like Bollywood and thus, no guesses for guessing that Bollywood stars really know how to celebrate it with great style and glamour.  So besides the regular roses and chocolates, many Bollywood stars find themselves being showered by mighty big presents by their significant others. Check it out!

According to sources, in 2009, Shilpa Shetty was gifted a giant whopping 13 carat heart shaped diamond ring from her now husband, Raj Kunder. And as if that wasn’t enough, he went on to hand over the keys to his 5.5 million pounds mansion in England to her.

From Shilpa, to her ex boyfriend, Akshay Kumar. The Tees Maar Khan actor truly believes the woman behind him is worthy of only the best since she has stuck to him like a bee to honey. And thus, she was gifted with a one of a kind Bentley car. The luxury car is only owned by the elite in Mumbai and is worth Rs. 3 crores!

Imran Khan is known for being super cheesy and romantic when it comes to his wifey Avantika Malik Khan. And so not only did he personally design the engagement ring for her but went on to buy her a red Volkswagen Beetle which he had to import into the country.

And lastly, it’s Salman Khan who is said to have apparently gifted Katrina Kaif a huge Mumbai flat some years ago in hopes that the interiors would be ready for Valentine’s Day 2011. He even managed to bag Suzanne Khan Roshan to do up the decorating for the spacious flat. And while reports claim that the living room includes a wall sized picture of Katrina, the duo did split up last year.

So there you have it folks! And they say money can’t buy love.

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