Posted on November 11, 2010 at 7:14 pm

Bollywood Fashion

Revealing Dino Morea

The November 2010 issue of Elle Magazine featured  a revealing photo shoot with Dino Morea where he bared quite a lot!

The magazine spread doesn’t leave much to the imagination as the gorgeous Dino Morea poses naked in a ancient bath tub with a beautiful model. The desire in the image of him pulling the girl back and of course the jeans hanging over the edge of the tub adds a naughty touch. The image is not only a beautiful piece of art by the talented photographer but a passionate scene as well that will evoke many women to be chasing Dino Morea.

In this image, the female model holds more prominence than Dino, he’s got the appeal of an evil villain waiting in the shadows (maybe that’s just me?) The model’s hot pink dress contrasts well with her pale skin. her clothes and shoes are not over done, they are elegant enough to make her sexy, not trashy. Dino’s printed shirt and blazer with the pink outline definitely not classy enough. Don’t get me started on the chappals! Let’s just blame the stylist, with such a good looking man and such a sexy image, they could have done better with the styling. Seems to me that Dino just doesn’t look as good with his clothes on, what do you guys think?

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