Posted on November 13, 2023 at 5:34 am

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Actress Saloni Daini talks about celebrating Diwali, and what she looks forward to; says, “My favourite part of Diwali is making faralas with my mom.”

The atmosphere is full of festivities and vibrance, as Diwali is just a few days away. Saloni Daini, last seen in the movie ‘Thank You For Coming’, shares how she will be celebrating Diwali this year. She also welcomes the new measures being taken to reduce the impact of fireworks on the environment.


Photo Courtesy Saloni Daini Team
Photo Courtesy Saloni Daini Team


Sharing her plans for Diwali this year, Saloni says,

“I usually celebrate Diwali, my favourite festival, in my hometown, Kolhapur, with all my cousins. We come together to decorate the house and perform Lakshmi Pooja. However, this time, I won’t be able to go and will be celebrating in Mumbai instead.”

The actress talks about how her favourite Diwali activity has changed over time and with awareness,

“I used to burst crackers, but I stopped due to concerns about population and the well-being of my pets—a dog and a cat. Now, my favourite part of Diwali is making faralas with my mom. In Maharashtrian culture, taking showers in the early morning with utha is a cherished and beautiful tradition.”

The Supreme Court recently passed restrictions on the use of fireworks in order to cut down on the negative impact it causes on the environment. Welcoming this, Saloni shares,

“The decision by the Supreme Court is commendable. I hope people adhere to it responsibly. Despite observing some individuals still bursting crackers today, I sincerely wish for strict adherence to this rule.”

Saloni Daini is certainly demonstrating the importance of celebrating responsibly. The actress wishes everyone a Happy Diwali!

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