Posted on April 17, 2023 at 12:38 pm

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Actor Shayan Khan Talks About His Film ‘Money Back Guarantee’

In a feature interview, Shayan Khan shares his experience shooting his upcoming film ‘Money Back Guarantee’.

Shayan Khan
Photos from Shayan Khan’s team

1. How would you describe your experience working with Director Faisal Qureshi as the Producer of this film?
My time working with Faisal Qureshi can be easily described as a great learning experience. He is a true visionary when it comes to entertainment, and I had a grand time filming and producing this movie. I have a lot of respect for both his talent and his dedication.

2. What gave you the motivation to produce this film despite its difficulties?
The enormous talent of my fellow co-stars, which deserved a global spotlight, was without a doubt my greatest inspiration to continue moving forward during the production process. I also adore this movie and everything it teaches its viewers. The audience should see “Money Back Guarantee” in a theater if they want to enjoy it as much as I do.

Shayan Khan
Photo courtesy of Shayan Khan’s team

3. What impact do you wish this movie to have on Pakistan’s film industry?
I believe “Money Back Guarantee” will turn out to be yet another bright spot for Pakistani cinema, showcasing the country’s untapped artistic talent. It’ll also significantly boost Pakistani actors’ and creators’ brand recognition. Besides that, this film does a remarkable job of showcasing Pakistan’s ethnic and cultural diversity.

4. What comes to mind when you picture ‘Money Back Guarantee’?
Guns, safes, and friendship! More than anything, MBG is about strength in finding unity by overcoming our differences.

5. Which aspect of this film will you never forget?
I will never forget the fun I had on sets while filming crazy stunts in harnesses. My character is very physically gifted so I got to partake in some very cool action sequences. I can’t wait for you to see it for yourself when MBG releases in the theater on Eid day 2023!

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