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The Music Behind Ms. Marvel

Regardless of your opinion on the MCU, Ms. Marvel definitely passes the desi-vibe test. The program gives homage to every iconic South Asian favorite, including Talal Qureshi, Ritviz, and even vintage Bollywood covers.

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The six-episode series covers the origin narrative of Kamala Khan. Kamala Khan, a 16-year-old Pakistani-American superhero lives with her family in New Jersey. The show has recently received praise for accurately portraying the South Asian experience and for bringing attention to the agony of Partition.

When Fawad Khan made his appearance as Hasan in the latest episode of Ms. Marvel, the Internet went crazy. Twitter also can’t get enough of Kamala’s relatable passion for biryani, the huge desi wedding playlist, and the references to SRK’s Baazigar. The South Asian music, whether it be classic Punjabi hits, Bollywood covers, indie pop, or desi rap, is what’s truly stealing the show on Ms. Marvel’s soundtrack, despite the fact that it includes some international superstars like Jon Bon Jovi and The Weeknd. The show’s top South Asian songs are listed below:

Peechay Hutt is a Pakistani EDM song produced by Talal Qureshi with vocals by Hassan Raheem and Justin Bibis that appears in the second episode of Ms. Marvel’s epilogue. The song has a quick pace, strong drums, and insightful lyricism. It is quite upbeat. The most recent season of Coke Studio, a well-known Pakistani music program, saw the debut of Peechay Hutt. The song became popular right away. Peechay Hutt perfectly matches the show’s upbeat tone. Check out Peechay Hutt if you enjoy energetic EDM music.

Pakistani song Ko Ko Koreena was released in 1966. Ko Ko Koreena, which is frequently regarded as one of, if not the oldest pop song from the Indian subcontinent, was not only a much-appreciated addition to the Ms. Marvel soundtrack, but it was also a superb illustration of the team’s emphasis on diversity. Every Pakistani has heard Ko Ko Koreena at least once, and it’s a classic that every lover of 1960s music should take a listen to. It’s a fantastic song in and of itself, and it also serves as a wonderful introduction to Pakistan’s classics.

Pasoori, a wonderful Pakistani song sung by Ali Sethi and Shae Gill, is included in the fourth episode of Ms. Marvel. Over 250 million people have watched Pasoori on YouTube since its release on the most recent season of Coke Studio. The pop/funk song Pasoori features outstanding vocal talents and excellent writing. Pasoori, which played during Kamala’s visit to Karachi, was well suited for the situation. Overall, Pasoori is a song that everyone should listen to because of its amazing lyrics, rhythm, and vocals by Ali Sethi and Shae Gill.

Ritviz is an Indian pop musician who sang a very popular song called Aavegi. Ritviz’s music is a wordplay-heavy blend of pop and electronic dance music. The music is always spot-on, and the lyrics are always brilliant. The final Ms. Marvel episode included a scene featuring Aavegi when Kamala and the group escaped the forces. The song was a terrific addition to Ms. Marvel’s soundtrack because it perfectly complemented the scene. It is a song that most people will like for one reason or another, whether it be the rapid tempo, the wordplay, or the catchy melody.

The iconic Pakistani singer Nazia Hasan, popularly referred to as the Queen of Pop, is the singer of Disco Deewane. Disco Deewane is one of the most well-known and influential Pakistani songs of all time. It helped to establish the direction of the country’s music industry for years to come. Disco Deewane is just another illustration of Ms. Marvel’s great portrayal. In addition to being a fantastic song to listen to, it is a song that anyone interested in learning about Indian music should check out because of the influence it has.

The remix of the already well-known Indian song Tere Bina by Khanvict is superb. This rendition of Tere Bina by A.R. Rahman fuses the dreamy, romantic atmosphere of the original with elements of the new age of Indian music by adding EDM sounds. With his expert mixing, Khanvict’s remix elevates the original Tere Bina while maintaining its core.

Overall, Ms. Marvel features a variety of talented Pakistani and Indian musicians, allowing viewers to feel the richness in Pakistani culture that the show tries to portray throughout the storyline. 

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