Posted on June 16, 2022 at 6:09 am

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Sudha Chandran: I don’t look out for the seasons to shop, If I’m free, I go out and if I like something I pick it up

Summer this year has been one of the hottest. Staying cool and fashionable therefore is a task. Sudha Chandran, recently seen in Naagin 6, shares how she beats the heat.


Photo Courtesy by Sudha Chandran PR Team
Photo Courtesy by Sudha Chandran PR Team


“Every summer we say that the heat is so bad, and every year people go through the same thing. So summer has been hot and it continues to be hot,” she continues, “My fashion mantra for summer is to wear clothes that are not very tight fitting and are very comfortable because when you travel it’s very important to wear the right attire as the temperature varies. I normally wear cotton clothes that keep me cool and comfortable.  For summer, I have already bought some nice cotton kurtas. They are easy-to-wear especially when you go for shoots. Also these kurtas with front buttons are comfortable to wear as well as change especially when we try out different hairstyles given the kind of profession we are into.”

She does shop from time to time, but the actor and dancer is not someone who would update her wardrobe as per the season. So, even for the upcoming monsoons, she will buy things as and when required.

“I don’t look out for the seasons to shop. If I am free, I just go out and if I like something I pick it up, irrespective of the seasons. During the monsoon, I prefer wearing clothes that dry easily. I don’t like to wear heavy thick clothes which take days to dry. Though there is a washing machine, you can feel the wetness in your clothes. Also if clothes don’t dry well, it smells bad and you can get skin infections too,” she adds.

Mumbai monsoons are crazy but, according to Chandran, they are lovely too.

“There is nothing specific about my footwear, I always loved gum boots. As a child I used to tell my mom to buy me gumboots, the coloured ones. Today the trends have changed. I used to love removing the water out of my gum boots as a kid. Now since I travel in my car mostly, I wear shoes that are comfortable and dries faster,” she says.

About the skincare regime she follows during the monsoons, the dancer-actor adds,

“Skincare regime has always been coconut oil for me, since I come from Kerala. I give a lot of importance to pure coconut oil and that suits the best for my skin. It helps in keeping my skin smooth and supple.”


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