Posted on June 2, 2022 at 10:21 am

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Model Ashoka Thackur to make his acting debut soon, opens up about his journey so far

Ashoka Thackur fulfilled his dream of joining showbiz by starting out as a model. For the last two years he has been successfully working with popular brands. He will soon be seen in a music video opposite popular TV star, Donal Bisht. Ashoka’s debut song is titled Badhi Hi Mushkil Se. He shares his journey so far.

Photo Courtesy by Ashoka Thackur PR Team
Photo Courtesy by Ashoka Thackur PR Team


About the song and working with Donal, he shares, “It was lovely to share the screen with Donal, she is a fabulous actress and an amazing human being. I feel that when you have such a talented co-star, you also give your best effort”

Looking back, Ashoka reminisces, “I shot for the first time with the Kamli brand. Now, I keep shooting with them again.” He then speaks on how modelling is different from acting, even though both involve camera, lights and correct expressions.

“Modelling and acting are two different professions. In acting, the storyline has to be fully expressed. There are characters, there are dialogues, and many other things. In modelling body language, confidence, are must haves,” he adds.

Photo Courtesy by Ashoka Thackur PR Team
Photo Courtesy by Ashoka Thackur PR Team


People follow models for the way they look and carry themselves. “Every human being is unique. Originality is within you, follow it. Don’t follow anyone else because copying someone might take away from your originality. After all, if you follow others, then what is yours?” he says.

If modelling or acting did not happen to him, Ashoka would have become a farmer. “My father is a farmer in our village. If nothing had happened here in Mumbai, I would have gone back to my village and taken up farming,” he ends.


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