Posted on May 2, 2022 at 9:31 am

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Himansh Kohli: A lot of us have forgotten how to smile and how to laugh!

This Laughter Day, actor Himansh Kohli says that his endeavour has always been to find happiness in all that he does. The actor says that he always tries to spread smiles wherever he goes.


Himansh Kohli
Himansh Kohli


“I not only keep up the happiness inside of me but also try to spread happiness wherever I go. I try to lighten the mood, make everyone comfortable and cherish the good rather than focusing on what is wrong,” he says, adding, “There’s a joke in everything…everything in life can give you happiness, all of it depends on your perspective. Some people like light humour, others like dark humour and so on and so forth.”


Ask him which is his favourite comedy film or show and he says, “I love watching Kapil Sharma paaji and Vir Das a lot. I also love to binge content by Indian comedians like Bhuvan Bam, Kanan Gill,  Kenny Sebastian, Jeeveshu Ahluwalia, Atul Khatri, and many more. Among the international artists, I am a die-hard fan of Kevin Hart, Lily Singh, Aziz Ansari, Tom Segura, Joe Rogan and Dave Chappelle.”


He adds, “I am the most fascinated with the flow of their standup. How one joke that’s cracked in the beginning keeps finding its relevance in the jokes that come later, and every time the laughter gets increased. Also, I love to understand the perspective of every comedian when they go and narrate a story— the examples, the ideology, the inferences, etc. are so out-of-this-world.”


Himansh Kohli
Himansh Kohli always tries to spread smiles


The actor hopes that this day brings everyone more happiness and joy. “I really hope that this cheerful day brings more laughter and joy to everyone’s lives. And let’s make it extra happening by cracking one joke, lame jokes are also included, but not personal remarks, and making someone laugh. A lot of us have forgotten how to smile and how to laugh, let’s change that,” he says.


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