Posted on February 26, 2020 at 1:11 pm

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Bhuvan Bam Takes A Stand On Mental Health

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Bhuvan Bam Says No to Bullying and advocates for Mental Health

Bhuvan Bam Takes A Stand On Mental Health

Bhuvan Bam Takes A Stand On Mental Health. We often see women talk about mental health and how cyber bullying and negative comments affect one’s mental peace. But we seldom notice a word from men on the subject.

Bhuvan Bam addressed how negative and trashy comments on pictures of female celebrities might affect them and nobody pays attention. This has become a narrative that many face. People find it so easy to trash talk behind a screen. Bhuvan shared his thoughts in an instagram story earlier this week.

The story reads,  “Have you ever read the comments under a female celebrity’s post? So many judgmental people passing their comments, personal remarks. Maybe they forget that their comments are affecting someone’s mental health. What a shame!

Bhuvan Bam Takes A Stand On Mental Health

Bhuvan went ahead and posted screenshots of some comments and also pointed out a lot of these comments have been made by women only.

By taking this up on his social media, digital king has reached out to his 8.2 million followers and we’re hoping this brings a positive change in the social media universe. This is the kind of work we need done by public figures in the community. A celebrity with a purpose. Why have a platform if you do not use it to advocate for others? Bhuvan certainly united his fans and made people more aware of their online behaviour.

Have you experienced online bullying? Is cyber bullying becoming an even bigger issue? Let us know @urbanasian.

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