Posted on December 13, 2021 at 1:19 pm

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Salman Khan Praises Shamita Shetty in BB15 Weekend Ka Vaar

Shamita Shetty

This “weekend ka vaar” on Bigg Boss 15 has bought shock waves to the contestants as host Salman Khan was witnessed schooling the men of the house for their dim witted performances in the show. While on the other hand host Salman was also seen lauding Shamita Shetty for her performance in the show.

When commenting on Shamita Shetty being a heroine, Salman couldn’t stop heaping praises for the star. He said, “I know Shamita since she was 11, 12yrs old. She and Shilpa, their mother and father used to stay in Mumbai and both the sisters use to share the same room. This was when Shilpa touched stardom.”

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He further concluded saying, “She isn’t a rich man’s daughter but has struggled a way through in the industry. She has never taken any help from her mother or sister. She is happy in whatever she earns and is all on her own.”

Fans too were seen impressed by this and trended ‘JANTA Demands Shamita’ on Twitter.

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