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#ZAYNMALIK: Fifteen Tracks by the Dark Horse ZAYN Everyone NEEDS to Hear!

#ZAYNMALIK: Fifteen Tracks by the Dark Horse Everyone NEEDS to Hear!

Unlike his One Direction counterparts Zayn Malik Certainly does not need to shove his music down people’s throat to get recognition. ZAYN doesn’t force feed fans sugarcoated regenerative pop songs. Instead he sticks to his guns giving his fans artistic treats every blue moon or so. Though it seems ZAYN isn’t getting the recognition he deserves even with two album’s and billions of streams! Following his career he first made waves as the first person of color in a globally sensational British Boyband. The British-Pakistani star made a wise choice quitting 1D and gave the world MIND OF MINE and Icarus Falls. We haven’t heard much from him in a while but I can assure you, his music speaks volumes!

1. Back to Life – Icarus Falls

2. Tonight – Icarus Falls

3. dRunK – Mind of Mine

4. Allah Duhai Hai – Race 3 Cover

5. Common – Icarus Falls

6. No Candle No Light Featuring Nicky Minaj

7. Fool For You – Mind of Mine

8. FLAMES – ZAYN R3HAB & Jungleboi

9. If I Got You – Icarus Falls

10. I Don’t Wanna Live Forever – Acoustic Version

11. Satisfaction – Icarus Falls

12. iT’s YoU – Mind of Mine

 13. Talk to Me – Icarus Falls

14. Natural – Icarus Falls

15. She Don’t Love Me – Mind of Mine

Zayn Malik is clearly one of the finest vocalist’s of this generation.


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