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Icarus Falls: British Asian Star Zayn Malik is Clearly the Best Vocalist of Our Generation!

Zayn Malik is Clearly the Best Vocalist of Our Generation & We can Prove it!


To me, great vocalist and artists alike should never be defined by their anthem tracks. Popularized by millennial teens raging to grip on to the ever-changing bandwagon. Despite this, it’s indeed necessary for all musicians to “Drop a bop” every now and again, It is the key to staying relevant in the music industry. Though to me, the appeal and talent of a vocalist, never lies in their mainstream music, It lies in their ability to deliver meaningful lyrics and a vision. This is where Zayn shines as an artist, he has vision as well as direction (please excuse the unintended pun). Zayn continues to impress because he steps away from the trends in music and in-turn creates his own. Mind of Mine was our first taste of Zayn’s level of creativity.

“Effortlessly translating emotions into music, and appealing to a mature audience while pleasing his younger fanbase” – Yes Malik certainly does it all.


Despite the controversial One Direction exit (which fellow Directioner’s should be over by now).  Zayn has managed to carve a niche for himself from genre to genre, effortlessly delivering ballads along with Funk Rock, Pop and Alternative RNB. Let’s not forget the seamlessly stunning  Raaga-esque styles found in songs like “It’s You”, “Lucozade” and at the last few seconds of “Dusk Till Dawn”. Flower was a full-on Desi Track that made every brown person proud despite the constant war of Hindi versus Urdu in the YouTube comments section.

Malik not only delivers great music but his attempts of such, has managed to ease the tensions between South Asian nations, as we all enjoy his melodic offerings as an artist’s that’s appropriately appreciating his roots. From India to Pakistan he is undoubtedly worshiped by his Desi fans. Recently his cover of Allah Duhai Hai was a treat to fans across the globe gaining recognition across the globe. Previous criticisms of his pronunciation while singing Hindi / Urdu vanished as his delivery was flawless!

Watch the Cover That Rocked Both Hollywood & Bollywood!


Remembering Mind of Mine…


Mind of Mind was a unique offering from Zayn, despite some critics thinking otherwise. I found the music to be laid back, calm and oddly relaxing. After two years, it still is my go-to album. The meaningful lyrics found in Mind of Mind cannot go unnoticed. Songs like SHE, BEFOUR, PillowTalk and Like I Would were all favorites. There was one song that seemingly stood out and yet somehow went almost unnoticed and that track was ”Fool For You”



Just When You Thought the Magnificence Was Over…


Just when you thought that Zayn’s talent ended a perfect harmonies and highnotes, he spontaneously released the visuals for his amazing single SATISFACTION. The reluctant superstar released an emotional video that moved fans to the core. The journey of love, life and death is one that is certainly hard to depict. My description certainly doesn’t do justice to the emotions so flawlessly portrayed in this video. SATISFACTION is totally worth the watch, infact its worth millions of views!


Watch the SATISFACTION Music Video NOW!



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