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How Much Is Sunny Leone Worth?

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Sunny Leone is a Bollywood actress and one of the most discussed actresses in India today. Ever since her appearance on Big Boss in its 5th season, Sunny has gone ahead to appear in many other movies, and fans love her all across the world.

Sunny Leone is reportedly worth about Rs 97 crore and with an annual income of about Rs 2 crore. The actress is known for her penchant for luxurious items and she has been reported to have spent a fortune on items considered too extravagant.

Her Life

It is no news she started as an adult movie star – This is, of course, one of the factors responsible for her massive popularity in India. She is although a Canadian-Indian and had it rough before her stint in the make-believe world. 

She reportedly worked in a bakery before landing a job at a tax retirement firm. She was encouraged by friends to try modeling because of her magnificent body but ended up with an adult movie producer.

In the year 2009, Leone launched her own picture company, where she was able to produce some of her films in collaboration with her husband, Daniel Weber. She although was still working with other companies while producing her movies too.

She retired from the adult movie industry in 2013, although she had already started working with mainstream movie producers in 2004.

Sunny Leone
Sunny Leone

How Did Sunny Leone Make Her Money?

Sunny Leone is considered as one of the most searched actresses on the internet. Starting her career as an adult film star, before divulging into Bollywood, she has recorded massive growth in her movie career. It is widespread knowledge that the actress does not only make her money from movies alone; she also gets a lot of endorsement from corporate organizations.

One of her major bangs in the endorsement world is the one she had with Jeetwin Casino, which is one of the top casino platforms in India. She was signed in 2016, and her association with the brand saw an increase in brand awareness.

Jeetwin leveraged on her popularity, and the two brands saw a soar in their influence in their various industries. Leone worked with the casino by being a part of their projects, events, and promotions. Fans love her association with the company, and she was even featured on some live gaming events.

Her other sources of Income

Besides acting, Sunny Leone also makes a lot of money from endorsements with other firms across India. Most of the organizations took advantage of the fact that she was the most searched actress on the internet in India for about four years. For example, she controls 16% of Fork Media’s portal Hauterfly.

Although she makes the bulk of her money from acting, she is also an entrepreneur, running her line of fragrances, which is reportedly worth about 65 crores. The company has recorded worldwide sales, and the actress seems to be cashing out by the day.

Sunny Leone once announced to friends and fans that she would love to dive into other businesses such as the fashion industry. She made her dream a reality when she launched her cosmetic brand, which was introduced to the world via her exclusive website and apps. Her range of products include glosses, lipstick, mascaras, liners, eyeliners, and many others.

Real Estate in America

While celebrating her 36th birthday, Sunny Leone bought a beautiful home in Beverly Hills in Los Angeles, California, United States of America. The acquisition turned her into a neighbor with top American celebrities. Reports have it that the Rs 19 crore home is a 5-bedroom bungalow, with its own home theater, a swimming pool, expansive garden, and an outdoor dining area.


Maserati Ghibli

The actress once spent a whopping Rs1.14 core on a Maserati Ghibli, ranking her as one of the few Bollywood actors who spend lots of money on luxurious cars.



The actress has made millions in cash from her acting career, endorsements, and businesses. It, although it came as a surprise to many when she decided to donate food items to the Kerala flood victims. This gained her more popularity among movie lovers in India.

She is not only revered for her golden heart towards humanity, Sunny Leone is a popular and active advocate for animals’ rights and protection.




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