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Singer Navjot Kaur Releases Debut Track Called ‘Teri Jaan’

Singer Navjot Kaur Releases Debut Track Called ‘Teri Jaan’

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Singer Navjot Kaur Releases Debut Track Called ‘Teri Jaan’. Navjot Kaur, also known as Navjot Kaur Chamkila, is the upcoming female singer. Rising from a family of music, 19-year-old Navjot was born and brought up in Ludhiana. She was born on 20th October, 1999.

Navjot’s paternal grandfather, Sukhdev Singh and his brother, Sikander Singh were both musicians who played for famous singers like Kuldeep Manak and Didar Sandhu. Watching her family in the field, she developed the interest of singing while growing up. Navjot met Tejwant Kittu three years ago through the photographer, Ashu Gulati. Since then, she has been learning singing from him. Kittu never took a penny from Navjot but only encouraged her to learn by heart. Navjot dropped school because of her financial condition. Tejwant Kittu, however, encouraged her to study further in exchange of music.

Navjot is known as Chamkila amongst her surroundings. Chamkila was a name given to her by Tejwant Kittu because of her singing style and attitude. Navjot aims to bring back the folk trend in the Punjabi music industry through her music.

Few months back Tejwant Kittu introduced her to the director of his company named papa joe and he decided to record her vocals for Papa Joe records and this how she got a chance to sing for Papa Joe. She became an extremely popular and sensational singer.

Navjot releases her debut track called ‘Teri Jaan’ on Itunes.

Check out Navjot’s video on Youtube.

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