Posted on August 14, 2019 at 1:58 am

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DRecords Presents “Vekhne Da Cha” By Ejaz Sher Ali

DRecords has consistently been introducing top talent to the world.  It is an independent record label founded by the legendary singer/musician Daler Mehndi.  One of the label’s successful award-winning talents is singer Ejaz Sher Ali.  Now, after the success of Jind Muk Gai,” Ejaz is back with another beautiful song.  This time, he has released a sweet Punjabi love ballad called “Vekhne Da Cha.”  Although it is sung by a male, the song is written from a female perspective.  The lyrics reflect the girl’s yearning to get a glimpse of her beloved.  Adding another layer to the song is the video directed by Asif Masood.  The incredible scenes he uses compliments the love theme and captures the lyrics perfectly!

Ejaz Sher Ali is the son of the legendary qawwali virtuoso Ustad Sher Ali Sahab of the Sher Ali-Mehr Ali duo.  Vekhne Da Cha is composed by Ejaz’ father, the Legendary qawwali maestro of International acclaim, Ustad Sher Ali Sahab.  Not only did Ustad Sher Ali Sahab compose the piece, but he also wrote the lyrics! Traditionally a qawwali, Vekhne Da Cha has been fused with western instruments to give it’s sufi flavor a brilliant Punjabi love ballad blend.  So, if you’re a romantic, this will be a must have song in your playlist!

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