Posted on July 11, 2019 at 12:00 am

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Zee Music Releases “Chalna Hai” Directed By Shadab Siddiqui

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Zee Music Releases “Chalna Hai” directed by Shadab Siddiqui

Zee Music recently released “Chalna Hai” a romantic music video, whose lyrics are written by Vishnu Mishra.

Shadab Siddiqui has directed it and Shahid Mallya is the singer. The video stars Jay Soni & Riya Mandloi.
The video has already created a buzz and is being praised for its brilliant direction, lyrics, music, and cinematography.
The 27-year-old director is well known for creating an impact on the minds of many through his insightful direction.

He has been actively involved in creating films and music having genres like romance, politics and many more. All his past work has had a very strong emotional impression and we are definitely expecting his new music to have a similar feel with better direction, production, and execution.

He has been directing for a very long time now and this is one of his most awaited ventures. He is an experienced director and has directed many great films, short films as well as music albums. A few of his well-known works include Where is Najeeb, De Goli, Rah Ka Tere Musafir, etc.

Hoping to see the young director winning hearts of many yet again, through these music videos. Wishing the whole team good luck and success in their new endeavor.

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