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Barun Sobti’s 22 Yards is winning over international markets

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Barun Sobti’s 22 Yards is winning over international markets

Indian films releasing internationally and doing a great deal of business there is becoming a more and more common phenomenon. Especially with markets like China opening up, Indian films are now traveling more than ever before. One such market has been Russia which has had a deep-rooted connect with Bollywood for years now. One such film currently which is creating waves in Russia is Barun Sobti starrer 22 Yards. Directed by Mitali Ghoshal the film has been recording tremendous response from the audiences there especially given the film is an indie genre and despite its scale, the film managed to get a vast release in over 100 screens. This feat is rare as most indie films get a restricted release in just a handful of screens or are usually at max shown at film festivals in Russia.

Barun Sobti & Amartya Ray
Barun Sobti & Amartya Ray

The film has been running in the country for over 3 weeks and there’s no stopping its success as yet. As the film gears for a record in the market, the film has been performing well owing to Barun’s television popularity. The film despite being a small budget independent film, surprisingly got a wide release, a first of its kind for a film with no big ticket stars helming the project. The film was welcomed with great praises for the lead cast including Amartya Ray who essays the role of a young cricketer. Amartya is popular singer-actor who has been lauded for his earnest portrayal in the film.


Speaking about the success, Barun Sobti said,

“It’s really amazing to know that the film has been doing so well in Russia. It’s been 3 weeks since it’s release and it’s rare or almost never that a smaller independent film like ours releases so widely in a country like Russia. It’s a big market for big-ticket films, however, the fact that a modest film like ours has done exceptional business is extremely rewarding. I’m glad the film has got this new lease and is getting a new way to travel internationally and achieve such feats. And post the success in Russia, we are soon headed to Kazakhstan.”

Adding to his thoughts, director Mitali said,

“It is very nice to know that people in Russia loving our film. it’s 3rd week running and hopefully, it might go to 4th. films are made for the audience so the love wherever it is makes the whole team happy.I wud really like to thank our distributor in Russia. he distributed the rim very positively. so even being a small independent film we got a good release.”

Amartya Ray, another lead actor of the film concludes, saying,


“I am really excited the first time that heard that 22 Yards is traveling to Russia because having a film traveled to international city itself is a big deal and it was really exciting for the whole cast and crew and this being my debut film I myself was quite happy with this. You know just the fact international audiences were being able to see our performances, listen to the songs that I created, it meant a lot to me, its really special that my film has traveled abroad and the double bonanza and the double excitement is because people there have given us lovely response they are liking the film there and they are saying that it’s really different from usual Bollywood films they see there. They are liking the characters and the style of the film. I am quite happy about the success that 22 Yards has gathered in Russia. It also re-released in London and Kolkata which is one of the oldest cinemas, its always been there in Kolkata that’s also special that been my hometown getting re-releases is nice..really glad about the journey of our film.”

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