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Himesh Reshammiya To Start Franchise Of Love Story Movies

Himesh Reshammiya To Start Franchise Of Love Story Movies Like Aashiqui

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Himesh Reshammiya to start a franchise of love story movies like Aashiqui

Himesh Reshammiya to start a franchise of love story movies like Aashiqui and the first movie under this franchise will have lyrics by Javed Akhtar and will star Himesh in the lead besides him also composing for the movie titled Main Jahan Rahoon directed by Rajesh Sethi who was earlier with Yash Chopra. The shooting starts this year on Yash Chopra’s birthday 27th September in Delhi and UK. After creating blockbuster music for Namastey London 10 years ago Himesh Reshammiya and Javed Akhtar are again coming together to create the music of ‘Main Jahan Rahoon’ directed by Rajesh Sethi starring Himesh Reshammiya in the lead. This collaboration was awaited for years after the timeless music which was created for Namastey London and the music which was an integral part in making Namastey London a huge hit then , Javed Akhtar and Himesh are very happy for Main Jahan Rahoon as it provides ample scope to create the best and timeless romantic tracks which would be remembered for ages Director Rajesh Sethi who is currently directing the highly prestigious film on the life and teachings of Guru Nanak Devji for his 550th birth anniversary and has also been associated to some very relevant tv and web shows and had earlier also worked with Yash Chopra is a firm believer of timeless love stories . Rajesh feels that Himesh’s performance as an actor in Main Jahan Rahoon will be something to watch, Himesh’s workshops are in full swing for the character. Rajesh also adds that Main Jahan Rahoon is a tribute to my guru Yash Ji from who I have learned my film making, the script is very real and relatable to everyone who has fallen in love and is something for those who believe in love and also for those who don’t believe in it, Main Jahan Rahoon is inspired by a true love story . All the 7 melodies are classic romantic tracks by Himesh and Javed Sahab for which they had started recording last year and now the music is complete and I assure you every song will be a musical treat for every music lover says Rajesh. The female lead and the entire cast will be announced soon. We start shooting from 27 th September 2019 which is Yash ji’s birthday and the film will release in 2020. Mrs. Pamela Chopra while wishing Rajesh said.


“I am very happy for Rajesh. I am very happy for myself. I had given up hope that there will be any filmmaker who would think of making a film like Yashji. After all, it had to be a shagird of my husband. All my blessings are with him”.


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Himesh talking about Main Jahan Rahoon said Namastey London was a fantastic experience for me and the zone for the music of Namastey London was a pure love story and so is the zone for Main Jahan Rahoon which is also a pure love story and this is my my second collaboration with the legendary Javed Sahab after Namastey London and his lyrics for Main Jahan rahoon are absolutely magical ,the music of main Jahan rahoon has taken a year for me to compose and record and every song has melody and lyrics which will connect to every music lover and everyone who has been in love, there is personal identification for everyone in this album . As an actor this is the first time I’m doing a pure love story and when you do a film which is a pure love story the music of the film or the performances in the film have to be straight from the heart, I have started my workshops as an actor for Main Jahan Rahoon and director Rajesh Sethi is in top form . After many years there will be a love story in the zone of a Yash Chopra film and Rajesh ji who has been earlier with Yash Chopra ji has beautifully developed this very sensitive story of love based on real incidents. The visuals are going to be grand like a Yash Chopra film and even the writing is very real. We start shooting in UK and Delhi from 27 th September which also happens to be Yash Chopra ji s birthday. Himesh also says that except for Aashiqui we don’t have a franchise of love story movies in India. Main Jahan Rahoon will be a huge franchise for great love stories based on real love stories of India. For a pure love story to work universally the music of the film needs to be a blockbuster hit and has to be timeless which is remembered for ages and I am really proud of the music that has been made for Main Jahan Rahoon. We plan to release one real love story in every two years under the franchise of Main Jahan Rahoon – Himesh Reshammiya

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