Posted on March 29, 2019 at 1:42 pm

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Ranveer Singh Launches Record Label – IncInk – For Independent Artists

Today is a pretty good day for the music industry in India. Ask why? Well, actor Ranveer Singh along with filmmaker and music evangelist Navzar Eranee teamed up to launch their passion project – an independent music record label – called IncInk.


The label aims to find future superstars in the music scene and present their raw talent to the global audience. IncInk aim is to create an infrastructure where artists from different mediums can collaborate without restrictions. By being inclusive, IncInk will create authentic music, art and film which will provide a voice and a platform for artists. In essence, IncInk is an end to end solution for artistic freedom.


IncInk released their first single – Zeher – as they launched their label. Zeher is written and performed by Kaam Bhaari. The song, produced by Shikhar Yuvraj Manchanda a.k.a. RĀKHIS is a hard-hitting song that challenges the prevalent conforms of the Indian music industry boldly and unapologetically.


Check out the song here:


Ranveer and Kaam Bhaari even performed the song live for the media present:

Present at the Label and song launch were Ranveer Singh, Navzar Eranee, Kaam Bhaari, SlowCheeta and Spitfire. Each one made a grand entry on stage rapping.

Talking about  his label Ranveer said:

“IncInk literally means writing your own story and I’m inspired and thrilled to be starting this passion project that aims to affect social change. I hope that we can present some of the strongest, boldest voices of Indian youth to the world.”


Talking about launching his label with Kaam Bhaari, SlowCheeta and Spitfire Ranveer said:

“The first 3 exceptional talents being launched are Kaam Bhaari, SlowCheeta and Spitfire and I’m a huge fan of their music. As an outsider in Bollywood, I have always wanted to do my bit to bring out and support the outstanding talent that we have in every street in our country. So, when Navzar and I came up with the idea of IncInk, it appealed to my core, my heart.”


He continued,

“IncInk is my passion and I intend to use this platform to give as many artists, from across the country, a chance to dazzle India with their talent.”

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